Greta & Greta is a small Textile Studio based in Zurich.We experiment with all kinds of textiles and printing methods, from blockprinting to silkscreen, or even painting directly onto fabric. We also hand dye fabrics using natural dyes. Sustainability was a big part of our motivation to start our own Studio and we believe we should all tread lightly on this earth. We use fair trade, organic, or recycled textiles and are constantly looking for ways to improve and continue to be eco-friendly.
Everything in our studio revolves around textiles, and we are always open to new projects and ideas. We startet a small upcycling startup project in 2017 called Otter Zurich, which is dedicated to the reuse of leftover textiles.
Currently we are working on a new textile project and cant wait to share it with you.

How it all started

2013. Greta & Greta first started when Marcellas daughter Greta was born in 2013. Eva, a Textile Designer and Marcellas old roomate, came to visit and brought a beautiful handprinted gift for Greta. Marcella talked to Eva about selling these beautiful prints with her help as a Graphic Designer and together they started Greta & Greta in 2014. Evas daughters name is also Greta.


Marcella. Graphic Designer and Illustrator, Founder and Head of Design at Greta & Greta.

Eva. Textile Designer and Tailor, designed many hand made prints for Greta & Greta including our signature print Hugo. She had to leave Greta & Greta for a full time Job in 2015 but her prints live on and sometimes, when we are lucky, she‘ll still do special work for us.

Julia. Part of the Otter Zurich team, Julia oversees the management and design of all Otter Products and hand sews all Otter Prototypes.